Gender, shmender - The MIMIC Delivers

Gender, shmender - The MIMIC Delivers

June 15, 2017 0 Comments

So, I don't care for limiting a product to a gender. With that being said, the MIMIC has certainly appealed to a specific demographic and that is no accident, but having worked in this business for my entire adult life, I'm very aware that pleasure products make their way into the hands and other parts of the folks who want them, regardless of how those folks identify.

It was a goal, when developing the MIMIC, to hit a home run with its shape and feel, and include a motor that appeals to a wide demographic. It feels great when placed against nipples, necks, perineums, vulvas, shoulders, penises, behind the knee, testicles, anuses, oh my! With varying degrees of intensity, the sensations that the MIMIC can bring forth range from subtle to intense, and that's for each and every nerve it encounters.

This excellent presentation* by Magnus Sullivan of begins to compare the MIMIC to a very popular (with good reason) vibrator, and quickly abandons the comparison - because they are vastly different products! Vibrators are not all the same because genitals are not all the same! We are like snowflakes, and what some may consider to be the ultimate sexual enhancement device will be a throw-away item to others. Isn't it wonderful to live in a world where we have options?

Toy Review: Mimic vs. Mystic from Manshop on Vimeo.


*this presentation was entirely unsolicited and, in fact, came as a surprise when researching sites that carry our product. Sincere thanks to Magnus and for your kind words and objective, astute assessment of these products.