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    • "...a work of art, with a shape and vibration features that make it infinitely appealing." -GIZMODO
    • "It might seem odd for a man to review and praise a vibrator designed for women, but I learned a long time ago that men would do well to ask for a little help in the bedroom. Over the years, I’ve used and reviewed a wide variety of women’s toys to help men deliver the orgasms that everyone wants. And while most toys have something to offer, never—NEVER—have I experienced anything like the Mimic. The combination of something so functional yet so unique and elegant creates opportunities for creative foreplay unlike any other toy on the market. While most other toys are phallic and singular in purpose, the Mimic’s fluid curves and tapered lines are profoundly disarming and inviting—promising artful pleasure and fun for all it touches."  Magnus Sullivan - Manshop
    • "Another successful orgasm with Mimic+Plus! I think there are three factors that are really important that make a good sex toy & that is the texture, the shape and the quality of the motor and the MIMIC+Plus definitely ticks all the boxes."
    • "...Now, the Mimic itself. There’s so much to say: flawless ergonomic design, delicate silicone as soft as a newborn's cheek, and an ingenious shape that is as unique as it is versatile. Clearly no expense has been spared in making sure it arrives to the customer in perfect condition. It’s one of the quietest toys I have ever used. At its most powerful setting it’s only about as loud as a bumblebee. Under a duvet, it is all but silent. If you have thin walls and nosy flatmates, you will be really happy with this toy. Something else that gives the Clandestine its Wow Factor is its incredible variance. The shape can provide pinpoint stimulation, broad cover and every nuance in between. The eight different pattern settings ensure you are guaranteed to find one that works for you. It’s fully waterproof. I mean really, this thing is about as flexible as an Olympic gymnast, only limited in use by your creativity..." Shadow Collector - via Lovehoney
    • “Upon picking up the Mimic, I knew it was a toy for collectors, “us” the buyers and snobs. The silky finish and curves lured me in, as soft curves and folds often do. I was drawn to the colors too, and immediately started thinking of ways to adapt it to my hands, body, and quirky sex life.” Jackie – Manager / Buyer Nitecap Megastore, NY 
    • “Working in the toy industry you see a lot of companies introduce items of various shapes and sizes, literally just to be different. This product is unlike any other and the shape, in its entirety, was created 100% with purpose. It’s soft, sleek, and feminine. The thin device allows for deeper penetration during intercourse. The experience you get while using it is intense. It hits multiple pleasure points at one time for a mind blowing sensation.” Megan – Buyer / General Manager, Déjà Vu, Las Vegas
    • "Penis Play: Using the toy on my partner I found that when I held the sex toy so it [fits] perfectly into my palm's contours that I was able to use the dip in the center of the underside to stroke up and down my lo-v-e-r-s shaft. Used this way the vibrations helped edge my partner and acted as great foreplay. My partner found that the pin-point tip slightly too powerful at times, particularly when I stimulated his frenulum, however for short bursts of stimulation he found it could be an enjoyable way to mix up his masturbatory explorations." Ness - Sex Educator / Counselor / Reviewer, UK - Full Review Here  
    • "The mimic has been my new go to. The shape is soooo much nicer than the wand or any other vibrator I've used in the past. I also really like all of the different settings and the ease of access to the buttons is great. I have been playing around with using it different ways too which is fun. I've used it without using my hands at all, using my hand to hold it, and using my hand to hold it but also using a finger for more stimulation. The last one is probably my favorite. I like the toy so much because it really does enhance things without completely taking over like the wand does. I'm still in control with it. Also, the battery life is great. I've had toys that just die too quickly but the mimic's battery is really long lasting. I can't wait to use it with a partner - also I love the box it came in. It's so pretty that I kept it and keep it in the box when I'm not using it. I feel like it's more of a treasure because it has its own little box haha" Jillian - Verified Purchase - Noblesville, IN
    • "I really love the shape.  It feels like an extension of my hand. I really like how flexible the little tip is, thats my favorite part of the design. I always struggle with a way to use my hand and a toy simultaneously, bc usually the vibration makes me numb and my fingers are too different a sensation. But with the mimic, you can just slide your middle finger up and it's like it's part of the toy, or the toy is a part of my hand. Either way, it's GREAT. I think that this would make the mimic great for partner play. I can really see how easily I could use this with someone, even someone who isn't used to using toys. The buttons are in the perfect place and I have so much control over the whole thing. Aesthetically, it's adorable (and I've been saying that even before I saw it in person). The clear plastic at the bottom looks very classy when it's lit, instead of one super bright LED. It also adds some stability while I use it. The way the charger port is designed is also very nice, with the cover as opposed to having to make a hole in the silicone like I've seen on some other toys. In the end, I very much like it. It's very different from most toys I've fiddled with, seen, or bought, and that's what I was looking for today. I wanted something different than a bullet, dildo, or rabbit. What impresses me most about the mimic is that it's surprisingly versatile. I did not expect to be able to use it in the way I did, and didn't realize that's what I wanted until I used it. I'm so glad I added it to the (ever growing) collection! Alexis -Verified Purchase - Las Vegas, NV


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    "I think there are three factors that are really important that make a good sex toy & that is the texture, the shape and the quality of the motor and the MIMIC+Plus definitely ticks all the boxes."

    -Venus O'hara