FAQs - Clandestine Devices


Hi! Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions! Please have a look to see if we address your concern(s) below.



My MIMIC® won't turn on... help!

Don't fret - this may just be the Travel-Lock in action! To UN-lock your MIMIC®, please press & hold the (+) and (-) buttons simultaneously for about 3 seconds. The LED base should flash to indicate the MIMIC® is unlocked and ready for play! To re-lock your MIMIC® for storage or travel, simply press and hold the (+) and (-) buttons for another 3 seconds until the LED base flashes again.



My MIMIC® will only light up, but it won't vibrate. What's wrong?

You may just need to charge it! The brand new MIMIC® is packed with a partial charge, but there's no way of knowing how long it was sitting on a shelf before you purchased it so we always recommend a full charge prior to first use. The LED Base may light up even if the MIMIC® is not vibrating because the base is your charging indicator and will flash to let you know it's time to charge. It will also flash while the MIMIC® is charging and once it is fully charged, the flash will change to a steady glow.



Um, how do I clean this thing?

Good news - we made your MIMIC® 100% waterproof, which helps when it comes to cleaning time.  We recommend you purchase a silicone-friendly cleaner, found in most shops that carry the MIMIC® but if a cleaner isn't an option, use a gentle soap and warm water and pat or air dry, depending on what makes sense for you.



I lost/broke the charger. What can I do?

That's easy - we have replacement chargers for all of our products available right here.



How long is the charge time on the MIMIC®?

In order to have a full charge, we recommend charging your MIMIC® for at least 90 minutes. The MIMIC® has an LED base that will flash as it is charging and once it is fully charged, the flashing base will change to a steady glow. With a full charge, your MIMIC will operate on the highest intensity setting for a play-time of 45 minutes. While most users won't go through all 45 minutes in one use, this means you will get several uses off of one full-charge. However, if you do have the MIMIC® on high for 45 straight minutes, good for you! ;-)



I think I want a MIMIC® but I am not sure it's right for me, what do you suggest?

Maybe you've seen the MIMIC® at a local store but you aren't sure about it. Honestly, go into that store and ask questions! The sales-teams in stores that carry the MIMIC® should be equipped to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have, so don't be shy. If that's not for you, you are always welcome to check out some reviews on the MIMIC® or contact us anytime and we'll answer your questions straight to your inbox!



My MIMIC® is just not working - I've tried charging, I've tried the Travel-lock, please help!

No worries. If you have read the user guide, made sure your MIMIC® is unlocked and fully charged, and if it's still not working - Just file for a warranty claim here and we will work with you to get your new replacement. 



I bought my MIMIC® at a store, it's not working, and they won't let me return it. What can I do?

We know that many retailers will not accept exchanges on our items due to the nature of the product. This is where we step in because your MIMIC® does come with a 1-Year Warranty - file for your warranty claim here.



I bought my MIMIC® on Amazon (or another 3rd Party seller platform) and it's not working. Does the warranty still apply?

This is slightly more complicated, but rest assured that we will do whatever we can to resolve this particular issue.

Amazon, and sites like it, have their own handling and sorting policies in place that are not exactly in line with our brand and many brands like us. Because of their co-mingling policy on stock, we can not guarantee that your Amazon purchase is an official Clandestine Devices™ MIMIC® unless it comes from one of our pre-approved sellers. If you are not sure about the seller from whom you purchased the MIMIC®, you are welcome to contact us - please always keep your package and receipt - in the event that we need to authenticate your purchase, this will help greatly. 



I love my MIMIC® and I just want to tell someone!

Please feel free to send ALL Feedback to care@clandestinedevices.com (seriously, all feedback, good or bad)



I am interested in selling the MIMIC® in my store(s) / on my website, who can I contact?

Great question! Please visit our Wholesale Inquiry page, fill out a short questionnaire and allow 2-5 business days for a response. 

Does Clandestine Devices have a store I can visit and see the products instore?

Sadly, No. We don't have a single location since we are a manufacturer/e-commerce business only, where we ship directly to you from our warehouse. We are not open to the public. BUT! you can use our store locator to find a retailer nearest you!