Clandestine Devices™ is proud to offer a 1-Year Warranty on manufacturer defects. Your satisfaction and comfort are our priority. 

Register your product and be worry free for 1-Year after your purchase date.  All you need to Register is your Proof of purchase and Contact information. Click on the icon below and register now!

Product Registration

If by some chance, your product is experiencing some technical difficulties. We are happy to replace defective merchandise, at our discretionClandestine Device’s Warranty covers defects due to faulty workmanship and defects that impair the function of the product.  This warranty does not cover defects caused by accidental damage, misuse, neglect or other use not in accordance with the User Guide.

Need to replace your Product? If it is registered and is under the Warranty period, click on the icon below to file your Warranty Claim.

Warranty Claim

  • Purchases made on Amazon are not covered by our warranty.  Because of their co-mingling policy on their stock, We can not guarantee that your Amazon purchase is an official Clandestine Devices™ product.  Please contact your Amazon seller directly.

Please visit the contact page if you have any other questions and concerns.