The MIMIC + Plus wants to be your next travel buddy, according to Bustle

Alright, what is "small, beautiful, powerful, and if it falls out of your bag, it's more likely to be mistaken as a quirky little work of art instead of a sex toy."

YUP. You guessed it! It's the MIMIC+ Plus who landed as number 3 on's 12 Sex Toys To Travel With Because You Can Take The Fun On The Road By AMANDA CHATEL.

The MIMIC + Plus is perfect for those out there who want to travel without the fear of being embarrassed lugging around a vulgar sex toy in their bag.

Along with the MIMIC + Plus, see what other toys made Bustle's 12 sex toys you can hit the road with!

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"I think there are three factors that are really important that make a good sex toy & that is the texture, the shape and the quality of the motor and the MIMIC+Plus definitely ticks all the boxes."

-Venus O'hara