Get Sex Tech-y this Holiday season with Forbes' Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Sex Tech For Everyone

Curtis Silver from Forbes, shared a Holiday Gift Guide of the Sex Tech variety this Holiday Season.  Amongst this list, was the MIMIC + Plus massager. 

I'm of the belief that anyone with any bits can utilize anything for sexual entertainment with just a little ingenuity. Though in most cases, regardless of your gender identity, you should probably stick to things intended for that purpose, rather than random things you found in the garden shed.

Sometimes, it's just better to get a product for what they are designed for. ;-)

Read the full article HERE, to see what other Sex Tech Gadgets made the list!


"I think there are three factors that are really important that make a good sex toy & that is the texture, the shape and the quality of the motor and the MIMIC+Plus definitely ticks all the boxes."

-Venus O'hara