You may be familiar with its predecessor, the MIMIC, but the MIMIC + PLUS is the exciting follow-up product for people who admired our original but craved more.... power

Just like its predecessor, the MIMIC + PLUS is an ergonomic and body-safe rechargeable vibrator. The idea is that the MIMIC + PLUS fits in the palm of the hand, with the curved spine against the palm for an effortless and ergonomic grip while applying vibration to anything you want;  but we've made some changes to this new version based on the valuable feedback from our friends and loyal users of the MIMIC. 


First of all, the MIMIC + PLUS is available in two entirely new colors; Stealth Grey and Magenta. We also improved button haptics and dimmed the LED Beacon by 50%. The LED Beacon will start to flash to warn you when it's time to recharge and your MIMIC + PLUS comes with a magnetic / USB charging cable. It will take about 120 minutes for a full charge, and you'll know when it's fully charged because the flashing light will change to a steady glow. The most notable change that we made to the MIMIC + PLUS is the POWER! We are incredibly proud of the success we saw with our original product, but there were plenty of sex toy users out there that begged for more power that is deeper and we delivered!  

While it’s typically used for clitoral stimulation, our products have proven to be quite versatile. It’s a “Massager”, it can be used anywhere on the body you’d like to stimulate.  They are fully submersible, rechargeable, equipped with a travel lock, 8 vibration patterns, and 6 levels of intensity, you can probably understand how they have made their rounds in the hands of solo artists & couples alike!