How do you Mimic? The MIMIC vs. the MIMIC +PLUS?

The question that is asked repeatedly, "Which MIMIC should you choose?" The original MIMIC or the newest version, the MIMIC + PLUS?

Which can be a bit trickier than just answering that simple question.  First off, it depends on how you or your partner would like to use this "massager" for and their preferences. If you are seeking this massager for pleasure, first you want to remember that not all orgasms are created equal. Pleasure stimulation and orgasms are as unique as snowflakes just like the user itself.  This also applies to the most popular type of sex toys out there which are vibrators (aka massagers). Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes but the most important part is the inner workings.  

The MIMIC collection by Clandestine Devices was designed to mimic the natural curves of one’s hand and the way the hand is positioned while touching your body or your partners.   In this collection, we have the Mimic Original and the Mimic Plus, which look very similar in shape but are for two different types of people. So, you can imagine how many people ask, “Which MIMIC should I chose?” 


Besides its slight exterior appearance, the defining factor with decision making between the MIMIC and the MIMIC + Plus is the different types of vibration frequencies they give off.



Seafoam, Black, Lilac

Magenta, Stealth Grey










  • 6 Speeds - (Starting off at mid-level vibration)
  • 8 Vibration Modes



The MIMIC original is our flagship vibrator with a slimmer body. This is perfect for a user that is seeking a top layer of the skin vibration that is light and fast.  Some may describe this type of vibration as a buzzing, high-frequency vibration. For users who are more inclined to use small bullet type vibrators, the MIMIC original would be the vibrator for you.   The MIMIC + Plus was the next vibrator we debuted with a body that is 10% larger in size and is a bit more curvaceous. This is perfect for the user that is seeking a deep, under the skin vibration that has more power and low-frequency vibration.  For users who have a tendency to use wands or larger vibrators that rumble, the MIMIC + Plus would be the vibrator for you.


Many people feel that  “a vibrator is better if it is stronger” when in reality that isn’t the case.


It all comes down to the type of frequency you or your partner need out of a vibrator.  Think of a ceiling fan, the Frequency is the number of times blades circle around. If you have a wider, heavier blade it will come around slower but give you bigger gusts of wind. If you have skinnier blades on the fan, it will cut through the air and give you small sharper gusts of wind. That is how we want you to imagine the motor inside your vibrator.  If you need a harder gust of wind, or in this case, deep vibrations, where it will resonate under the skin and massage deep tissue or muscles. A perfect example is for those who want to use this vibrator to stimulate the clitoris. The clitoris is like an iceberg, where only the tip can be seen and that small tip has over 8k nerve endings while the rest of the clitoris is hidden on the inside of the body.  Deep vibrations are able to stimulate the part of the clitoris that is hidden from the naked eye since it’s frequency vibrates under the top layer of skin. Some users love that stronger and deeper vibration and they would be more inclined to use the MIMIC + Plus. If that is too strong and mighty, the users who want a soft, subtle frequency that is sometimes described as buzzy and vibrates on the top layer and surface of the skin would want a MIMIC original.  

Both of these toys share the same great qualities. Waterproof, Rechargeable, Body-safe materials, etc etc.  While sharing these great qualities, The Mimic and Mimic Plus are discreet vibrators that aren't aggressive in appearance and are a great addition to anyone’s vibrator collection. Not only are they a great extension of your hand, which just so happens to be the best "natural" sex toy, but they also allow you to have more direction on how you want to enhance the experience with vibration. You can tease, you can push down for more pressure, it's all up to you!

Picking a vibrator is quite a hard task to do, but we hope that explaining the behind the scenes of our vibrators will help you understand how it works and most of all what might work for you!

 So, how do you MIMIC?


"I think there are three factors that are really important that make a good sex toy & that is the texture, the shape and the quality of the motor and the MIMIC+Plus definitely ticks all the boxes."

-Venus O'hara