How to care for your Sex Toys

Caring for an investment such as a premium sex toy is a necessity.  

Caring for your toy starts at the beginning when you purchase it, then when you use the toy down to how you store your toy for later.

  • Use a silicone-compatible lubricantMany people use lubricants with their toys to enhance their experience. This allows the toy to glide over the skin and decrease friction.
    • Always remember the golden rules for Lube.
      If an adult sex toy is made from PVC, TPR, Cyber skins and anything in the “jelly” or clear “rubber-look” realm it is recommended to use a Water-Based lubricant. If you're not sure what your toy is made of, stick to a water-based lube to be safe.

      Also, Always remember to never use oil-based products or hand creams for use in and around your most sensitive areas.
  • After each use, be sure to Wash your MIMIC.  Cleaning your toy not only extends the life of your toy, it also avoids bacteria that can build up on the surface.  To clean your MIMIC, you will need:
      • A Toy Cleaner. A suitable silicone-friendly cleaner. 
      • Water
      • A towel, preferably a micro-fiber towel that won’t leave lint behind.

There are many Toy Cleaners on the market, from mist-sprays and foam cleaners.  But, the majority of the cleaners have similar steps.

Wash your toyFirst, Rinse your toy with luke-warm water from any residue, dust or dirt.  Then, spray or put on a small layer of the cleaner over the toy. Leave the cleaner on for about 20 seconds, to kill all the bacteria. Rub the toy down a little and Rinse off all the soap and residue with water.  If a toy cleaner isn’t available, clean using luke-warm water and mild soap. Be sure the cleanser you choose is alcohol-free and stray away from harsh chemical disinfectants. This is vital because if soap residue is left behind, it might irritate your skin for your next use. 

The MIMIC and MIMIC + Plus can be fully submerged into water (up to 1 meter/ 3 feet) to make cleaning simple and worry-free.  (Note: The MIMIC Original’s DC charge port is protected while fully immersed in water whether the silicone flap is closed or not.) 

Once you have rinsed and cleaned your MIMIC, pat the MIMIC down with the towel or air dry.

  • After, the MIMIC is clean and completely dry. Storing your toy is next on your agenda. The Mimic comes with a Black Satin Pouch, to keep dust and dirt debris away.  This bag is helpful If you have more sex toys in your collection, to keep your MIMIC and its charger together, in case you misplace or use the incorrect charging cable.  Separate storage is also essential so you don’t store your toys with the materials touching. Unlike the MIMIC and MIMIC + Plus, some sex toys made from questionable materials tend to leech chemicals and melt onto each other.  
  • Now, for your next session that you choose to use your MIMIC, Wipe your toy down beforehand in case there is any dust.
  • To extend the longevity of your toy, Please avoid leaving your MIMIC in direct sunlight and extreme heat, to keep the color vibrant and in tip-top shape!

All this care seems a bit much but not only does this care tips help with the longevity of your toy, but this is also is caring for the most sensitive places on you or your partner’s body.

Happy Vibing!

"I think there are three factors that are really important that make a good sex toy & that is the texture, the shape and the quality of the motor and the MIMIC+Plus definitely ticks all the boxes."

-Venus O'hara