How to Use the MIMIC & MIMIC + Plus

Clandestine Devices would like prospectives users to know that we have designed our products with the primary message of bringing things back to the basics.  One of the best sex toys that a person has is their own hands. What better way than to have a product that was designed to be an extension of your body to “MIMIC” the curves of your hand.

The MIMIC and MIMIC + Plus are external vibrating massagers to be placed on any part of the body desired.   

The tip of the MIMIC is a helpful tool for users who want pinpoint stimulation, whether that be for clitoral stimulation, perineum or even nipple play.

The flat part of the MIMIC is great for pressurized stimulation, while the wings of the MIMIC transfer vibrations as well.   This is perfect to stimulate the entire vulva.


Fun ways to use the MIMIC or MIMIC + PLUS for more than just the obvious

  • Place the MIMIC on a propped pillow, lay your body on it using the pressure and vibrations to stimulate and grind yourself to orgasm. 
  • Flip it button-side down, nestle it up against a partner's testicles during oral sex.
  • Have the button side against the body, inside a strap-on for added stimulation during strap-on play. 
  • Full body massage - because the MIMIC was designed to be an ergonomic addition to the hand, with a compatible lubricant, the MIMIC can make any massage a more vibratory experience.
  • If you decide to use a Dildo or Plug that doesn’t have a built-in vibrator, place the MIMIC at the base and let the vibrations resonate throughout the toy while stimulating the vulva or giving an external anal massage.
  • Utilize the TIP of the MIMIC for teasing penetration - it is not an internal toy.
    • The shape is a nice teasing shape to warm the vagina up. 
    • This is also true of anal play, as the tip can be lubed up and vibrated against the perineum and anus to help stimulate nerve endings and get ready for some more intense anal action.

    Here are a few other unconventional ways to use it away from the pleasure spectrum.

    • Sinus pressure plagues many out there and placing the vibrating MIMIC on your cheekbones and leading upwards towards your nose will help alleviate sinus pressure.  If you continuously use the MIMIC for a few minutes massaging your faceand then steam, it will help open your airways. 
    • Breastfeeding? Massaging with a vibrating MIMIC will help reduce clogged ducts.
    • If you have a minor headache or migraine, using the MIMIC on your temples has been known to relieve pain.
    • Menstrual cramps? Place MIMIC on the lower stomach to help alleviate pain.

    How do you use your Mimic?



    "I think there are three factors that are really important that make a good sex toy & that is the texture, the shape and the quality of the motor and the MIMIC+Plus definitely ticks all the boxes."

    -Venus O'hara