Marie Claire - "Hey, You're Cute and I'm Pretty, Together we can be Pretty Cute"

The Mimic was dubbed as a "can-leave-out-in-front-of-houseguests-and-not-be-embarrassed" pretty. Which says alot because when it comes to sex-cessories, it isn't anyone's business but yours. 

BUT, if someone stumbles upon your sex toy stash, it's nice to have a sex toy that is discreet and Pretty as the Mimic.

... the perfect handheld device for hitting your pleasure points, and looks perfectly ambiguous out in the open. 

 and MarieClaire.com16 Sex Toys So Pretty They Don't Look Like Sex Toys.  The Mimic made #2 on the list.

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"I think there are three factors that are really important that make a good sex toy & that is the texture, the shape and the quality of the motor and the MIMIC+Plus definitely ticks all the boxes."

-Venus O'hara